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Reading List on Telangana Issue

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Balagopal Talk on River Water Disputes in Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. K Balagopal educational lecture on river water disputes in Andhra Pradesh. In this two hour long lecture, delivered in July 2009 at Human Rights Forum (HRF) chapter meeting in Vishakapatnam, Balagopal discusses the background of the river water disputes in the state of Andhra Pradesh and provides the historical, political and economical context in which the policies and the existent water sharing practices and irrigation projects on Krishna and Godavari rivers came about. And stresses the need for a proper water sharing framework – from a fairness, justice viewpoint and people rights to resources and development – of all the three regions of the state of Andhra Pradesh. And provides the right context to understand the grievances of the people of Telangana and Rayalaseema regions. And argues for a intra-state water redistribution and independent authority , along the lines of Bachawat Tribunal, for fair allocation of water resources.

Human Rights Forum Pamphlet on Telangana

HRF on Telangana Issue

Prof. Haragopal Article from a Rights Perspective

Pulichintala – A Test Case, K. Balagopal (Indian Express, 16-6-2001)

About Kaveri and Krishna – K. Balagopal (Indian Express, 22-10-2002)

The Historical Context of Andhra And Telangana, 1949-56 (EPW)

EPW Editorial (Dec, 2009) on Telangana Demand

EPW Editorial : Questioning Linguistic States

Myth and Reality: The movement for Telangana – Revathy et al.

APHDR_2007_Agrarian Economy of AP

Why Telangana ? Why now? – Anil Kumar (EPW)

Planning Commission Report on Development in AP

Political Articulation and Election Discourse in AP, 2004 ( K Srinivasulu)

Some Contemporary Trends – Seminar in AP (EPW)

Cropping Pattern in Andhra Pradesh in 1990s: Micro-level Studies

Agricultural Growth and Irrigation in Telangana, Review of Evidence – Vamsi Vakulabharanam

Telangana’s Agricultural Growth Experience-Venkatnarayana, V Jain (EPW)

Of Canals, Tanks and Wells (Telangana Region Case study)

Telangana: Irrigational Disparities in Andhra Pradesh

Inclusive Growth in AP – Regional Disparities, Poverty, Challenges – Mahendra Dev, CESS

Falling into Poverty in AP (EPW) – Interesting comments about Northern Telangana

Movement for Telangana State: Struggle for Autonomy, Kodandram (EPW)

Rice Cultivation in Telangana, Veronique Alary (EPW)

Polavaram: Major Loss, Minor Gain – Rama Mohan

Telangana: Righting Historical Wrongs or Getting the Future Right, Anand Maringanti, 2010

The Local and the Global in Hyderabad Development, Sanjay Baru

APHDR_2007_District Levels Indices

Trends in AP Poverty: 1973-74, 1999-2000 ( Sudhakar Reddy, Galab et. al, EPW)

Is Economic Inequality a Foundation for Separatist Identity, Dean McHenry Jr.

Rich Peasant ,Poor Peasant – Balagopal, Seminar

Democratic Process and Electoral Politics in AP,  KC Suri

Dimensions of Agrarian Distress in Andhra Pradesh  (K C Suri, EPW)

Political Economy of Agrarian Distress ( EPW), KC Suri

Caste, Class and Social Articulation in AP, Mapping Differential Trajectories, K Srinivasulu

The Farmer-Capitalists of Andhra Pradesh, Carol Upadhaya, Part I

The Farmer-Capitalists of Andhra Pradesh, Part II – Carol Upadhaya

River Water Politics in Drought Prone Telangana, S Simhadri (EPW)

Globalization and Farmers Suicides in Warangal, Sudha

Farmer’s Suicides – Missing Issues, Revathi (EPW)

Is Rural Economy Breaking Down, Farmers Suicides – EAS Sarma (EPW)

Understanding Powerloom Weavers Suicides in Sircilla – Galab, Revathi (EPW)

Irrigation, Agrarian Change and Local Politics in Southern Telangana, 1960-1996 Anil Kumar (Nalgonda Field Study).

Telangana Movement( 1948) Revisited, K Balagopal (EPW)

Economic Liberalization and Indian Agriculture – Good Summary

To Free or Not Free Agriculture – Good Article on Ground Irrigation

GroundWater Irrigation vs Surface Irrigation (Dinesh Kumar et al.)

Pani Panchayats: Has notes on Irrigation Reforms in AP

Status Paper on Rice

Jalayagnam (AP Government Perspective)

Jalayagnam and ‘Bridging’ Disparties – Ratna Reddy (EPW)

Food Security in AP (Detailed Regional Analysis)

Educational Deprivation of Children in AP – M Venkatnarayana

Primary Education: Progress and Constraints – V Ratna Reddy, R Nageswar Rao (EPW)

Dubious Bounty to Telangana (Education in NTR era) – Shaturgna

Business and Manufacturing Sector in AP – Alivelu, K. Srinivasulu, M Gopinath Reddy

News, Telvision and Democracy (Padmaja Shaw)– Discusses Media in Telangana

Diversification of Rural Incomes : Village Level Field Study – Rawal et al.

Rayalaseema : K Balagopal


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